Coker College

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Crisis Communication Plan

 If a Campus Crisis occurs the following communication plan will be followed:

  1. College employee immediately notifies his/her supervisor.
  2. Supervisor immediately informs his/her Vice President.
  3. The Vice President immediately notifies the President who then notifies the Director of Marketing and Communications and the other Officers of the College.
  4. The Director of Marketing and Communications prepares media/public response and handles all contact external to the College prior to any official media release. 
  5. The President notifies College Counsel, Chair of the Board of Trustees, and if necessary, the family of the student/faculty/staff. 
  6. The Director of Marketing and Communications will release the prepared statement to the media after internal communication has been completed.
  7. The Vice President of Business Operations notifies Campus Security. 
  8. If the President of the College deems necessary, he will form a Campus Response Team appointed with members appropriate to the crisis.
  9. Vice Presidents notify their Staff members.