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The courses listed aim to provide a comprehensive program of study that will enable the serious student to attain a useful fluency in the Spanish language and a broad understanding of the culture, civilization and literature of Spain, Latin America and U.S. Latinos.
Courses at the 100-level are designed to teach basic skills necessary for communication and to introduce some cultural information.
Courses at the 200-level expand and develop both language skills and cultural expertise. To enroll in a 200-level course a student must have completed the 101-102 language requirement or demonstrated proficiency at that level by means of transfer credit or a placement test.
Courses at the 300-level explore literature and grammar at a more advanced level. Admission to 300- and 400-level courses is by permission of the instructor.
All courses listed are conducted in Spanish with the exception of the literature course in English translation.
1. Eighteen semester hours of study at the 200 level or above.
2. Six of the 18 hours must be taken at Coker College.
The major consists of 33 semester hours at the 200 level or above.
1. Twelve of these hours must be taken at Coker College.
2. Twelve of these hours must be completed in one 12-week study abroad
program or two - week study abroad programs.
3. The student must earn a minimum 2.00 grade point average for all courses
within the major.
Distribution requirements:
1. Eighteen hours of 200 and/or 300 level courses.
2. Twelve hours of approved study abroad.
3.Three hours from SPA400 (Senior Seminar) or SPA405 (Senior Practicum in


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