Technology & Teaching resources

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Center for Language Education And Research: Title VI Language Resource Center offering many free technology applications


Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition: Title VI Language Resource Center: offers assessment help, technology, etc. educational materials, scholarships, blogs, etc.; by and for Spanish teachers



· Grant writing tips and resources


· Pepsi Refresh Project: grant awards where people vote for the winners.


· Public school teachers may submit proposals. Independent donors may choose to fund them.




· Assessment Training Online (oral proficiency) free course

· World Language Assessment

· Automated Oral Proficiency Test (Pearson/Versant)



Audio/video resources

· Cine con clase: Spanish-language film clips for classroom use


· Foreign Language videos: video clips in which native speakers talk about various topics

· Culturally authentic pictorial lexicon: authentic images for language learning

· Oral Language archive

· Lyrics training: listen to music videos and fill in the blanks


· Internet TV stations from 208 countries


· Videos and activities for Spanish teachers



EDsitement: language, literature, history, art, culture tools (NEH)


Free High School Recognition Certificates (by April 30)


Free Stuff for Teachers: printable graphic organizers, forms, awards and certificates


Free materials for teachers


Creating Crosswords and Other Puzzles An add-on for Microsoft Word. Text can be turned into educational games. virtual flashcard system, free downloadable for English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. : create your own CLOZE test catalog of foreign language supplies catalog of language/ethnic supplies


Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning from CLEAR








Yakitome             create and access podcasts


Yackpack            or



DL Recorder      









CultureQuest Project Toolkit 


Understanding audio file formats




Integrating Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom

Try Open Source Software for Free: Moodle, Sakai, etc.

Blogging sites

· Classblogmeister

· Edublogs

· Blogger


· Wikispaces

· Wiki Spot

Virtual Immersion Communities

Chat/social networking

· (K-12) GlobalSchool: “is a great service that helps teachers locate other schools and classes with whom to conduct online exchanges.” (from the NCLRC December newsletter)

· Mixxer: “is another free educational website that allows students to conduct language exchanges online with partners around the world via Skype.” (from the NCLRC December newsletter)

· Hello-Hello Language on the Go: a free language learning website combined with social networking




SmartBoard sites

· SMART educator resources

· SMART exchange

· SMART Board Revolution

· Wichita Public Schools

· Polyvision Environmentally Certified Whiteboard

Videos for Integrating Technology into the Classroom

Time for Kids—celebrates different countries

On-line tutoring services

· company provides their own tutors

· software allows you to use your own tutors

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro E-Learning Environments: create virtual classroom environments generating word clouds enter text to create animated movies avatars can interact with others in virtual environments

Open Courseware Consortium—free university courses from different countries, in various languages TPRS discussion and support forum