Day Program Students
Instructional Videos
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Lección 1
Lección 2
Lección 3
Lección 4
Lección 5
Lección 6
LecciÓn 7
lecciÓN 1
The alphabet
Nouns, definite articles part 1
Nouns, definite articles part 2
Nouns and articles - plural forms
Numbers and time
Telling time
Saying "at what time" things occur
Subject pronouns
The verb "ser"
Question words
LecciÓn 2
Days of the week
Days of the week 2
AR verbs
Estar with prepositions
Verb "Estar" and how to use it
Verb "Ser" and how to use it
Numbers 30-100
LecciÓn 3
La familia/The family
¿Cómo eres? and Describing Personality
¿Cómo eres? and Describing Personality (part two)
Possessive adjectives
Present tense of -er and -ir verbs
Tener, venir, preferir, querer, poder; idioms with tener
Present tense of 'tener' and useful phrases
LecciÓn 4
The verb "ir" (part one)
The verb "ir" (part two)
The verb "ir" (part three)
Stem-changing verbs e>ie
Stem-changing verbs o>ue
Stem-changing verbs e>i
Irregular "yo" verbs
The verb "ver" (first 51 seconds after ad)
The verb "oír" (first minute and 9 seconds after ad)
LecciÓn 5
ordinal numbers
Estar with conditions and emotions
The present progressive
Ser vs. estar
Direct object pronouns


LecciÓn 6
numbers 101 and higher
preterite of regular verbs
indirect object pronouns
demonstrative adjectives and pronouns


LecciÓn 7
reflexive verbs
indefinite and negative words
preterite of ser and ir
Gustar and verbs like gustar





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