Visiting Patron Privileges

PASCAL Delivers has a new service called "visiting patron" that allows you to visit most of the South Carolina colleges and universities and borrow books. This is available to all Coker students, staff, and faculty.

How it Works:

  • If you need a book and can get to a nearby academic library that owns it, you can get it TODAY instead of waiting for the courier.
  • You can WALK IN to any PASCAL member library and borrow up to 3 books for 3 weeks. These 3 items will count as part of the 25 books you can borrow with PASCAL Delivers.

What You Must Know:

  • Know your DATATEL number or Student ID number. If library staff had to place a barcode on your ID card, use that number.
  • Be in good standing at Coker's library. This includes (but is not limited to) current enrollment at your institution and no outstanding fines or overdue items.
  • Present a valid picture ID; school-issued student/faculty ID is preferred.
  • Some libraries have additional local security requirements.