Borrowing Privileges for Community Patrons
. Due to high demand from the Coker students, community patrons do not have computer privileges.
. Community patrons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent.
. Borrowing privileges are extended only to community patrons age 18 or older.
. Patrons must present a valid driver's license or other picture identification each time an item is checked out. The one-time only fee cost of borrowing is $5.00.
. A total of 5 books may be borrowed from the Main, Art, Recreational Reading, Curriculum Materials, and Juvenile Collections. They may be checked out for 3 weeks, with 1 renewal.
. All other materials--CDs, audiocassettes, videos, DVDs, scores, reference books, reserve materials, magazines, journals, newspapers, microfilm, microfiche, and record albums--must be used within the building.
. On occasion, certain materials may be borrowed for teaching purposes or community services only; to receive special permission for this, see Alexa.
. Community patrons do not have PASCAL Delivers privileges.
. Patrons will be sent a bill once an item is overdue. A fine of $0.10 a day is assessed on overdue items.This bill is comprised of a non-refundable processing fee of $50 plus the cost of replacement. If the item is returned after billing but before the item has been replaced, the charge for the item will be refunded; the $50 fee will NOT. Charges for library materials that were overdue by more than 2 months will NOT be refunded. Patrons in arrears will not be able to borrow other items from the library. Borrowing privileges of chronically delinquent library patrons will be suspended.