Equipment Borrowing Privileges
The following equipment may be borrowed by Coker College faculty and staff only:
. Overhead projectors
. Portable projection screens
. Laptop computers
. LCD projectors
. TV/VCR player
. VCR/DVD player
. DVD player
. Slide projector
. CD player
. Digital camera
. Extension cords
. Coker students, staff and faculty may borrow an Asus Netbook for 7 days. Netbooks that are overdue for 24 hours will be considered lost, and students will be charged the replacement cost plus processing and billing fees.
. Faculty who want to reserve equipment for classroom presentations need to come to the library at least one day beforehand if they need to learn how to use the equipment. They are also responsible for testing the equipment at least an hour before they need to use it to ensure everything is in working order.
. Screens and projectors may be loaned out for student organization functions.
. Reserve your equipment by calling the library at 383-8125. Please call Alexa Bartel at 383-8126 if you have any questions about borrowing equipment.