Library Policies

Library Policies

The following policies for the public areas of the Charles W. and Joan S. Coker Library-Information Technology Center have been put in place so we can fulfill our primary function of providing a comfortable environment for work and study. These guidelines will ensure that the building remains a calm, quiet and accommodating place to conduct scholarly research. Thank you for your cooperation.


Use of all personal electronic devices in the library, including MP3 players, personal CD players, radios or computers require the use of headphones. Volume level on the headphones should not be audible to others. We do not provide headphones for library patrons.

Library staff reserve the right to ask persons who are noisy or disruptive to contain or reduce the noise. After a warning, staff may ask patrons to leave the library. In the event that patrons are not responsive to these requests, Security may be called.

To help facilitate a balanced atmosphere in the library, the following designations apply:

First floor: Low level conversations are permitted. Groups needing to meet are encouraged to use one of the group study rooms on the second floor.

Second floor: Quiet individual study only. Group study is permitted in the study rooms. Doors should be shut because the study rooms are not insulated and excessive noise can be clearly heard by others.

Report excessive noise to staff at the Circulation Desk.

Cell Phones

To promote a quiet and productive research and study environment, please set your cell phone ringer to silent when entering the library.

All cell phone conversations must be conducted in areas of the library where low-level conversations are permitted. Cell Phone usage is permitted on the first floor, including the computer center and Java City cafe. On the second floor cell phones are restricted to study rooms. Cell phone conversations are not permitted in the quiet study areas of the second floor.

In accordance with library policy, please conclude your cell phone conversation before asking for assistance at the Circulation Desk. Library staff will be happy to assist you when you are off the phone.

Patrons violating the policy will be asked to move to the designated areas, to turn off their phones or to leave the library.


All children must be accompanied by an adult. Children are not allowed to use library computers. (Only students, faculty and staff with valid log-ins may use library computers.)

Food & Drink

The LITC is a place for research, reflection and leisure. To promote a welcoming environment the library tries to accommodate patrons by allowing a limited amount of food and drink. Some regulations are required. Food introduces the potential for damaged furnishings, technology and collections. Also, when not discarded properly, food and drink can cause infestation.

Food and drinks are permitted in most areas of the building. Exceptions include LITC 100 (the instruction classroom), computer areas, and Archives.

Users are liable for any damage to library property and equipment caused by food or drink.

Library patrons are expected to clean up after themselves, disposing of trash in appropriate trash containers. Please notify staff immediately of any spills or food-related mishaps.

Absolutely no alcohol will be tolerated. Campus police will be notified.

Drinks with a secure lids or caps are allowed. Travel mugs with lids, Java City drink containers, and bottled drinks with screw caps are preferred. Any glass bottles or containers without lids are not acceptable.

Food is limited to snacks or wrapped items for individual, not group, consumption. Non-acceptable food include but are not limited to fast food, open plates, and greasy or odiferous food. No food may be ordered for delivery to the library.

Anyone with inappropriate food or drink containers will be asked either to dispose of it or take it outside. Continued refusal to comply with this policy will result in a call to Campus Security, who will escort offenders from the building. Extended abuse may result in a loss of library privileges.


The security of Coker College's scholarly resources is one of the responsibilities of the LITC. Collections must be secured against theft and abuse. In order to fulfill the library's responsibility for securing materials, library staff and other designated personnel (i.e. student assistants, temporary staff, etc.) are authorized:

. To check the books and all possessions of persons as they leave the library.
. To request to see the identification of any person in the library.
. To question any person if it appears that library regulations are being violated.
. To call Coker College security and request any person suspected of violating library regulations to wait until an officer arrives