Direct Enrollment in Foreign University

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Coker College has an Agreement with Capital Normal University in Beijing, China. Students may direct enroll for study abroad.  Students interested in this option should contact Dr. Ye Li, and Darlene Small, for more information on how to enroll.

The CNU was established with co-sponsorship by the Beijing Municipal Government and the Ministry of Education in 1954. Its various departments include Literature, Science, Engineering, Management, Education, Foreign Language and Fine Arts. Since its establishment, the CNU has contributed innumerable professionals to various industries. Over the 62 years since its establishment, the CNU has proven to be the ideal base for educating and training teachers for the basic field of education in Beijing and contributing towards the modernization of China.

Additional Programs:

Here is a list of some past and current programs that our students have attended. Please research these options and others to find the program that is perfect for you.