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Proof of Insurance

All students participating in a Coker College travel program must provide proof of insurance. Students may provide a copy of an individual or family provider card for study away within the United States or proof of purchase of a short-term policy. The Coker College policy is an agreement with local facilities and does not provide coverage outside of the area.

Students who are studying abroad on a Coker College travel program must purchase the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which carries a basic insurance policy. A copy of the ISIC must be submitted prior to travel.  The online application and information about basic insurance coverage as well as other options may be found at the link below.



Online Coker College Study Abroad Health Survey

All students participating in a Coker College Study Abroad Program must complete the online Health Questionnaire. Again, any condition requiring assistance should be reported on the Emergency Contact Form which will be shared with your trip leader. The student must schedule a time to meet with the trip leader to make him/her aware of the possible need for assistance and discuss how best to manage a health emergency. Please click the link below to submit this form.

Study Abroad Pre-Departure and Returning Student Surveys

All students participating in study abroad programs must take a pre-departure survey before leaving for his/her study abroad destination.  Likewise, upon the student’s return another survey is available.  These surveys will help us to collect data on the impact of participating in study abroad and review our programs and partnerships to help make certain that we are offering experiences that are value added for our students.