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Why study abroad? The world demands a global perspective from college graduates and expects them to be able to put their education into an international context.  In addition to offering employers what they are looking for, you will learn more about yourself and the small planet on which we all live.  In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the smallness and interconnectedness of the world.  Current events have shown us that we are constantly influenced by occurrences in other parts of the world just as other parts of the world are influenced by us. 

Travel helps us to understand and appreciate the gifts that other cultures continue to give us.  Travel helps us appreciate the source and the richness of the cultures that add to our own.  For most of us, our heritage is European, African or Asian, so travel can also help us appreciate and learn more about our family ancestry.  Discovery is a keen aspect of travel.  Journeying offers you the opportunity to discover more about yourself. 

Coker College affords you the opportunity to travel abroad for a semester, an academic year or just a few weeks. The Center for Engaged Learning has information on educational programs throughout the world available at your fingertips.  Some of the programs, such as the American Institute for Foreign Study and Central College Abroad, offer opportunities for scholarships to help offset the cost of their program. Additional scholarship opportunities are available in the Center for Engaged Learning.

Still not sure about studying abroad?  How about taking a short-term trip and traveling during May Interim with Coker faculty and other Coker College students.  These exciting opportunities have been designed with the belief that travel is an essential part of a quality liberal arts education.  Students have traveled to such places as Ireland, Costa Rica, Yucatan, Mexico, Italy and many more.  Check out the study abroad brochure made available through the Center for Engaged Learning to see what trips will be offered this May. You may find something exciting.

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