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I love music and I love passing on that joy to others. As a band director, I not only have to read and be able to perform music on an instrument, but I also interpret scores, guide the musicians though different genres, tempos, and styles. Coker provides a wonderful opportunity for me to work with student and community musicians who also share a love for creating music.

"Despite primarily studying voice performance, I have always had a second love for conducting choirs. I knew that I ultimately wanted to find a program where I could both teach applied voice and conduct and feel very lucky to have found it at Coker College. I believe my singing and my conducting are complimentary to one another and am passionate about leading my ensembles from the informed position of a singer."

"I came to Coker with the promise to make a difference in my students' lives. As an artist, we train our entire lives hoping to inspire change in people. Coker has allowed me to do just this. With the intimate community at Coker, my husband, Dr. Jerron Jorgensen, and I are given the artistic freedom to practice our art and give students the tools to grow themselves as artists and academics."


"I began playing the piano at the age of eight. I studied in high school at the Coker College Preparatory School and majored in Music Education in college. I absolutely love that I get to play the piano all day every day at Coker College. I accompany voice students, the Men's Ensemble, and ballet classes. I have been a part of the Music Department for twelve years and enjoy helping students reach their full potential."

"I am a D.M.A. Candidate in Piano Pedagogy and Performance at the University of South Carolina. I am excited to share my knowledge and skills with the students at Coker College, and my goal is to help each and every student reach their full potential."


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