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"In 2012 I transferred to Coker to continue my collegiate golf career. Over the course of my three years at Coker I quickly realized Coker was providing me with a lot more than just being able to play golf. Coker has truly changed my life and given me opportunities I never would have had at other institutions. Because of my undergraduate experience I felt it was only right to come back home and help other students receive those some experiences."

"After graduating from Coker College, I began a career for which I was completely prepared, I earned an M.F.A. from a prestigious graduate program, and returned to Coker to teach. Now, I work in admissions recruiting students to come and experience the Coker life. My undergraduate experiences at Coker prepared me for success. It helped define the best me and that is why I spend my time trying to convince as many students as possible to come and receive the same college experience."

I started working in the Admissions office of Coker College in July 2015. I enjoy the energy of Coker and the way that everyone works together as a team.

"I came to Coker College after working in higher education and obtaining my graduate degree in Pennsylvania. From the moment I stepped on campus here, I knew this was a special place to be, for both students and professionals. I entered this field to help students find their purpose and turn what may seem to be unfathomable dreams into reality. I came to Coker looking for a new experience, but I stay because I get to see the difference I am making in students’ lives and throughout the community."

"I was informed of an open position in Admissions at Coker in 2013. I was comfortable in my position as a waitress and worried about the changes ahead, but I took the risk. I soon learned that everyone on campus was friendly and will make you feel right at home, so I decided to continue my education at Coker—and I'm glad that I did! I get to be a part of high school students' transition to college by helping guide them through the process."

"I was looking for a career change, and a friend told me there was a position at Coker she thought I would be interested in. I applied for the job seven years ago, and I love my decision to come to Coker to learn about higher education."

"Although I have lived in Hartsville for the past 28 years, I worked in Florence. As a result, I really never felt a part of the Hartsville community. Working at Coker College has afforded me the opportunity to become involved, not only in the Hartsville community but in the Coker community. I work with a talented group of professionals who have a passion for the adult learner, and they work very hard to help our students succeed!"

"I joined the Coker community in 2013 with my husband, Josh Webb, who is an Assistant Professor in the Theater Department. Serving our Adult Degree Program students is very rewarding; their commitment to their classes while managing home and work inspires me every day."


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