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Your college story starts here. Coker will surround you with a nurturing, inclusive community that's invested in your personal success—from the first day of school until graduation and beyond. 
Adult Degree
When it's time for the next chapter of your story, Coker gives you both the flexibility and the support you need to create a better, brighter future. 
At Coker, we do all we can to ensure that you succeed at the highest level. Often, that includes helping you balance your professional and educational path with your family life. We get it. 
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Online Learning
You should have the freedom to create your story, your way. Coker’s growing number of online programs offer additional options for students pursuing certain undergraduate and graduate degrees.
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    Coker College Transformations
    The right college education is a truly life-changing experience. That's why we created Trans4mations. Throughout your four years here, this program will guide you through a personalized sequence of experiences designed to help you discover your best self. 
    Year 1
    Learn how to succeed in the classroom and our campus community. 
    Year 2
    Grow within the wider Coker community through community service and cultural events.
    Year 3
    Take your skills out into the world with international and domestic study away.
    Year 4
    Bring it all together in a capstone experience—and get ready to take on the world.
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    • Coker’s Adult Degree Program allows me the chance to advance my education, while still allowing me to continue being a father, husband, and working a full time job.
    • Coker has contributed tremendously to my communication and leadership skills during my three years here. Knowing the skills I know now from what I learned here at Coker; I am a firm believer that anything is possible!
    • I really loved the small atmosphere and how personal it all was. I love it here. It’s been a great four years.
    • Going back right after the summer, there was so much I could implement right away, especially the assessments of reading. Throughout the year, being able to use everything we were learning was helpful.
    • I am enjoying the Adult Degree program so far. It works perfect with my schedule because I work a full time job during the day, and the night classes are worth coming to after a long day of work.
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    Coker awards more than $9 million annually in scholarships and grants over and above federal and state aid. We believe a quality education must also be accessible and affordable. We're here to help. 
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