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Your college story starts here. Coker will surround you with a nurturing, inclusive community that's invested in your personal success—from the first day of school until graduation and beyond. 
Adult Degree
When it's time for the next chapter of your story, Coker gives you both the flexibility and the support you need to create a better, brighter future. 
At Coker, we do all we can to ensure that you succeed at the highest level. Often, that includes helping you balance your professional and educational path with your family life. We get it. 
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Online Learning
You should have the freedom to create your story, your way. Coker’s growing number of online programs offer additional options for students pursuing certain undergraduate and graduate degrees.
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IT'S YOUR STORY. What do you want it to say?

Why Coker? Because we believe that every student has a story. When you arrive here, your story matters—regardless of your background. When you leave here, you leave confident in your ability to choose your story and prepared with the knowledge to make it happen. We won’t tell you what your story should be, but we’ll show you what it can be.