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Motivated and high-achieving students are invited to apply for Coker College’s Honors Program. Focused on three pillars that predict success after college, Innovative Scholarship, Cultural Interaction and Civic Engagement, our Honors students find enhanced personal and intellectual growth through a specialized track of coursework, study abroad, individual research, and service projects.

As an Honors student at Coker, you will be part of a select group of student leaders who are involved and invested in their education. Our flexible program is customized to your interests and academic goals, so you can get the most out of your college experience.

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  • Coker has contributed tremendously to my communication and leadership skills during my three years here. Knowing the skills I know now from what I learned here at Coker; I am a firm believer that anything is possible!
  • I really loved the small atmosphere and how personal it all was. I love it here. It’s been a great four years.
  • At Coker, people not only know my name—they know my story. I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.
  • Coker has provided me with a support system throughout my academic career and opened up my mind to all that I have to offer the world.
  • I tell people all the time that the things I’ve done at Coker, I would never have gotten those opportunities at any other school.