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The Coker College Alumni Association is a service organization established by the college to develop and maintain a close bond between Coker and our alumni.

Membership is open to all former students who have completed a semester at Coker and have been separated from the college in good standing.

Executive Board Members


Heather McConnell Buckelew '95
Concord, NC | Email


Mary Hart Morrison '08 '15
Hartsville, SC | Email
(Term expires in 2019)

President Elect

Tina Weeks Weaver '91
Lexington, SC | Email

Past President

Carol Turner Atkinson '73
Hartsville, SC | Email

Board Members

Terms ending February 2021:

Belinda Duckworth Copeland '21
Hartsville, SC | Email

Lisa Snyder Freedman '90
Clarkton, NC | Email

Mary Lance Williams Garrison '91
Lexington, SC | Email

Sarah McCanless Haarlow '72
Hartsville, SC | Email

Shivas Jayaram '09
Hartsville, SC | Email

Sharod Williams '13
Jamestown, NC  Email

Terms ending February 2019:

Rick S Blanks '84
Wilmington, NC Email

Kathy Harsh Cunningham '90
​Georgetown, SC | Email

Lou Stuckey Gardner '61
Hartsville, SC Email

Carolyn Donati Johnson '80
Hartsville, SC | Email

Terms ending February 2020:

Nancy Thornhill Bolden '62
Hartsville, SC | Email

C. Matthew Ferguson '06
McBee, SC | Email

Ken Krueger '73
Hartsville, SC | Email

Sarah Floyd '18
Hartsville, SC | Email

Danielle Cottingham '19
Hartsville, SC | Email

Lutherine Jackson Williams '11
Latta, SC | Email

Student Leadership Representatives:

Student Government Association President
Temaris Dixon '19
Hartsville, SC | Email

Student Alumni Association President
Charity Snelling '18
Hartsville, SC | Email