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The Writer’s Studio is a valuable resource that helps Coker’s writers develop and improve their writing at all levels of experience. The Writer’s Studio provides a rich, collegial environment where students collaborate and share their expertise and perspective to strengthen and focus the written communication of ideas. The Writer’s Studio prides itself on helping Coker students of ALL writing abilities. Beginning writers find experts who can help organize and present ideas, while more experienced writers find critical feedback that is an indispensable part of strong writing.

The Writer’s Studio consultants can help students brainstorm ideas; discuss and understand assignments; take notes to organize and write a first draft; improve the focus, organization, and clarity of their own ideas; and develop and better articulate heir own ideas.

The Director of the Writer’s Studio selects, trains and supervises a staff of knowledgeable and accomplished peer writing consultants who provide individual conferences on a drop-in basis. They act as a resource to help each student expand and develop his or her repertoire of effective writing strategies, no matter the student’s level of writing experience.

The Writer’s Studio is located on the first floor of the Charles W. and Joan S. Coker Library-Information Technology Center, rooms 112 and 113. For more information, you may call the Writer’s Studio at 843-383-8187.

Adult Degree Program students and graduate students can access Writer’s Studio services online through “Gotomeeting” technology. Please contact the Writer’s Studio tutors for information and appointments, or contact the Co-Directors of the Writer's Studio: Dr. Jasna Shannon (, 843-383-8166) or Dr. Margaret Godbey (, 843-383-8118).